The Global Resilience Partnership aims to help millions of vulnerable people in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia better adapt to shocks and chronic stresses and invest in a more resilient future. With an initial commitment of $150 million, this new Resilience Partnership will help the global community pivot from being reactive in the wake of disaster to driving evidence-based investments that enable cities, communities, and households to better manage and adapt to inevitable shocks.

we improve resilience in multiple scales:

from families to communities, countries to regions.


Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and Sida are the founding sponsors, collectively investing US $150 million to increase global resilience and mobilize regional collaborations.


Each regional partner supports collaboration between diverse local actors. Partner engagement is currently underway, with new potential partners to be announced soon.


The Resilience Partnership works with local communities, local and regional institutions -- all of whom have vastly diverse strengths at their disposal.

Our work focuses on three regions in Africa and Asia with high resilience needs.

A new reality needs a new solution

We can no longer afford business as usual. The number of reported disasters has nearly tripled since 1980, and the cost of those disasters is up 300%, to US$ 200 billion every year. In 2015, OECD nations spent US$ 13.6billion on humanitarian aid, a rise of 11% from 2014. Over the last 30 years, one-third of development spending – US$ 3.8 trillion – went on recurrent costs.

The current aid and development approach, whilst it has had its success stories, is not working optimally. It is hugely weighted – in terms of funding and human resources – towards emergency and humanitarian response.

What if, rather than focusing on repair, we built resilience?

Diagnose Problems

Key institutions and stakeholders lead ongoing investigations of problem identification, using data and predictive methods.

Motivate Collaboration

Mobilize support to address priority problems and work across sectors and silos.

Develop Solutions

The Resilience Partnership will channel resources to incubate, accelerate, and scale effective solutions.

Learn and Share

Develop networks and systems to amplify resilience solutions beyond the Resilience Partnership, sustaining change in policy and practice.