Raks Thai Foundation

Strong communities have a good quality of life

Raks Thai Foundation is a non-profit, development organisation operating in Thailand for over 30 years. Raks Thai Foundation has projects in the areas of lifestyle, education, health, and prevention. It works to support marginalized groups to be able to help themselves through their CLEAR strategy: Caring, Leadership, Empowerment, and Accountability. The foundation is a part of CARE International.

Latest news and articles

Moving the Needle – Coastal Risk to Resilience

Bringing together local stakeholders, investment, and international cooperation creates opportunities to transform from risk to resilience.

From Risk to Resilience

What are the five resilience attributes that help resilience flourish?

Women Raise the Roof

Organisations like Mahila Housing Trust and Slum Dwellers International work with women to design safe, resilient housing solutions.

Winners of the Catalytic Grant Awards

Three teams will be awarded with a $5000 grant. The award is a joint effort from Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF), Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

Want Peace and Security? Start by Fixing the Global Food System

Ahead of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit researchers push for the need to prioritize solutions that contribute to sustainable and just food system transformations