Advancing a Unified Vision on Resilience

Waduk Cirata, the Cirata reservoir, is a fisherman’s kingdom. Situated in West Java, Indonesia, this is one of the many man-made reservoirs in the country developed in order to create sustainable fish farming. Each fish farmer has been allotted space with a hut where they can stay overnight for fishing purposes.

Pramod Kanakath / Climate Visuals Countdown

In order to realise the ambition on resilience action, it is crucial to advance a unified and coherent narrative on the vision of inclusive and transformative resilience. Whilst there are many approaches being advanced to understand resilience in practice, there is a need to better understand a shared narrative that is both ambitious and actionable. This is crucial to ensure that resilience does not remain a mere ambition, but a framing for action towards climate justice and a just transition. 

GRP works with partners on several key moments and campaigns throughout the year to advance a shared narrative for resilience action. Key to this work is ensuring that grassroots voices are emphasised through inclusive dialogue and participation in regional and international spaces. These voices from the frontlines have incredibly valuable insight into resilience action in practice but are often the least heard in regional and global resilience discourse. GRP aims to play a role in bringing together these diverse voices to ensure that the vision of inclusive and transformative resilience is co-created and speaks to the reality and lives of those that stand to face the brunt of climate change. 

GRP plays a leading role in several initiatives and campaigns to advance a shared narrative on resilience action:

  1. Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action
  2. COP Resilience Hub
  3. High Level Campions Race to Resilience
  4. Mapping of Resilience Initiatives