GRP works to build a diverse movement of organisations that is able to raise the ambition on resilience and increase investments to where it is needed the most. We will ensure that those at the frontline of resilience challenges play a leading role in this endeavor.


Learn more about GRP’s engagements during 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Grassroots-led Frontline Funds Accelerator

Accelerating the capacity of locally-led “frontline funds” to be able to channel larger sums of climate and development finance.

Women standing on a coastal area holding a small mangrove tree to be replanted.

Adaptation & Resilience Pathway

This pathway provides an overview of the transformational actions and milestones towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

A women holds a banner that says climate action now

Policy Events & Convenings

GRP convenes and leads a number of policy events and sessions throughout the year to move the dial on resilience in policy fora.

Mapping of Resilience Initiatives

GRP has undertaken a Resilience Mapping of global and regional initiatives.

Policy Events


Gobeshona Global Conference


Middle East and North Africa Climate Week

Policy Documents

Building Climate Resilience and Adaptation in LDCs and SIDS

The side event was organized by the IFRC on the margin of the HLPF 2019 high-level political forum on sustainable development, and was co-sponsored by Ireland, Egypt, the UK, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malawi, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Turkey, among others.

Synthesis Report: Three Horizon Farmer Session at UFCCC Africa Climate Week

The Farmer session co-organised by took place as a side-event to the UNFCCC Africa Climate Week, 18-22 March 2019, Accra, Ghana. The session aimed to bring forward the role of farmer-driven (small-scale) initiatives in building positive, food secure and climate resilient futures in Africa.

Colliding climate and conflict risks: Building resilience from an integrated approach in fragile and most vulnerable places

The session “Colliding climate and conflict risks: building resilience from an integrated approach in fragile and most vulnerable places” took place within a GRP/FAO side event “Stepping Up Action on Building Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa” preceding the UN Africa Climate Week, Ghana, 18-22 March 2019.

Stepping Up Action on Building Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa

The purpose of this ACW affiliated event “Stepping Up Action on Building Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa” was to identify the opportunities for increased ambition and African voice for climate action on agriculture and food systems that can be advanced at the UNSG’s 2019 Climate Action Summit and COP25.

Urgent Transformation towards Resilient Food Systems in Vulnerable and Fragile Regions

In March 2019, the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) convened a group of global experts, experienced practitioners and influential stakeholders at the Bellagio Rockefeller Centre in Italy. The group was tasked with identifying strategies and concrete actions of how to build resilient food systems in vulnerable and fragile regions1. The objective of the meeting was to identify priority areas that can impact global action to influence local realities in a context of urgency.

Latest News on Convening Diverse Voices

Adaptation & Resilience Solutions: The investment opportunity to grow the sector

During the COP26 Finance Day (3rd November 2021), the Resilience Hub hosted a side event to showcase the increasing range of adaptation and resilience innovations, as well as to discuss opportunities and barriers to scaling them. The panel discussion included speakers from Climate-KIC, Global Resilience Partnership, CDC Group, BFA Global, The Lightsmith Group, PayPal and FMO, the Dutch Development Bank.

Knowledge for Transformative Action Towards a Resilient Future

On the 10th November 2021, the Resilience Hub at COP26 hosted a side event to showcase three major, global initiatives that seek to ensure that action to enhance adaptation and resilience stem from a foundation of research, knowledge and learning: the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the Resilience Knowledge Coalition and the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA).

Resilience in Focus at COP26

At the Global Resilience Partnership, we are taking forward the momentum and collaborations from COP26 into action to build a resilient future.


Launch of New Tool at COP26 for Countries to Integrate Water Resilience into National Climate Plans

The Water Tracker for National Climate Planning has been developed as a tool to enhance water resilience in national climate plans. Kelsey Harpham from the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) reports.

Unlocking Youth Potential in Water Resilience and Climate Action

Three young climate leaders argue that impactful water resilience and climate change adaptation depends on meaningfully supported and empowered young people across all sectors and levels. Michelle Meaclem (World Federation of Engineering Organisations/Tonkin + Taylor), Rianna Gonzales (Global Water Partnership), and Elysa Vaillancourt (International Secretariat for Water) report.