Learning Webinars

The Partners Learning Webinars series provides partners with regular, virtual peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The webinars provide the opportunity to bring people together across time-zones and geographies in an engaging format.

The purpose of learning webinars is to:
– Enable GRP Partners to inspire, share, and learn from each other on specific topics connected to enhancing resilience,
– Deliver added value to GRP Partners by providing a direct channel to enhance and support each other’s work,
-Encourage Partners to self-organise collaborations or initiative outside of the webinars, using them as both an information source and a networking tool, and
-Enhance South to South organisational introductions and networking.

If you are interested in hosting a Partners Learning Webinar, please get in touch with Ida.

Upcoming & Past Webinars

Resilience Knowledge Coalition Learning Webinar: Race to Resilience Attributes

The Resilience Knowledge Coalition is excited to co-organize a second in a series of planned webinars with Race to Resilience (R2R).

GRP Learning Webinar: Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC)

Join us for a GRP Learning Webinar that will take an in-depth look at flood resilience measurement.

Resilience Knowledge Coalition Webinar

In this webinar, we will share further details on the coalition functions, and start working towards implementing activities together!

GRP Learning Webinar: Resilience and Sustainable Peace in the Anthropocene

Join us for a GRP Learning Webinar that looks at how resilience can be applied to confront and understand security and conflict risks.

A group of women testing water in India

From Measuring Resilience to Advancing Resilience Practice

This event is part of the Gobeshona Conference, Research into Action on Locally-Led Adaptation.