Resilience Knowledge Coalition

Taking a systemic and holistic approach required for adaptation and resilience building, implies that no one actor or organization has all the necessary skills, assets, knowledge and connections. A coalition for collaborating and sharing resilience learning is needed to support effective policies and programs. This will focus on regions and countries where it matters the most and tackle the most intractable challenges at the intersection of peace and stability, disaster resilience and food and water security. In essence, while collectively we have the knowledge on how to build a resilient future, it is not being effectively used to make an impact. This is the gap the Resilience Knowledge Coalition (the coalition) aims to address by providing access to knowledge, expertise, energy, innovation and collaborative learning elements.

The coalition will enable stakeholders to access the latest knowledge and expertise on how to invest in resilience for development. The key actors the coalition will engage with are practitioners, communities, investors, policy makers and knowledge partners. Stimulating collaboration and sharing learning among these actors will ensure that end-users are supported indirectly through evidence based programming. The coalition will be co-created with organizations and stakeholders from the global south and north to support the robust design of resilience components of national, regional and global plans, policies, programs and investments to deliver positive impacts on human wellbeing, especially in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Specifically, the coalition’s objective is: To enhance the use of knowledge and best practice on resilience to shape policies, plans and investments in LDCs and SIDS to deliver a resilient future. The proposed purpose is: Getting the best knowledge and practice on resilience used to shape policies, plans and investments to deliver a resilient future. It will deliver this through three core functions with specific objectives:

  1. Peer-to-peer learning
  2. Shaping policy and investment
  3. Measurement and evidence

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From Measuring Resilience to Advancing Resilience Practice

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Learning to Navigate Resilience: Building on Advances in Resilience Measurement

As the Resilience Measurement Community of Practice (RMEL CoP) transitions into the Resilience Knowledge Coalition, we offer three key contributions of resilience measurement in the past decade, and three challenges to advance resilience practice in the decade to come.