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The Blue Acceleration: The Trajectory of Human Expansion into the Ocean

Does humanity's future lie in the ocean?

GRP x Rethink: Imagine all the people – a resilient future in 2050

The year is 2050, world population has reached 10 billion and the vast majority of people live in cities. The biosphere – for decades under catastrophic pressure – experienced a turn of fortune in 2030, when the sustainable development goals were declared a success. Climate change was halted below 2 degrees. Ecosystem restoration and protection secured degrading ecosystem services and coastlines. Investments in agriculture created resilient supply chains, and financial innovations placed resources in the hands of local communities. The tide was turned.

GRP and UNDP win Global Environment Facility Challenge Award

GRP at COP25 in Madrid

Investing in Resilience: A Destination with Many Routes

Audio & Visual from Building a Resilient Future

Call for Action & Launched Initiatives

Building a Resilient Future Event Documents

GRP Resilience Insights Report Launched

Innovation Challenge Winners Announced