Linking Social and Financial Capital to Enhance Resilience of Agro-Pastoral Communities (LEAP) in Niger and Mali

MercyCorps worked to strengthen the resilience of agro-pastoralists in Mali and Niger, by expanding their access to formal financial services. The project educated agro-pastoralist men and women so that they can make informed decisions about their household finances and better manage risk. This unlocked access to new credit options, including warehouse credit for farmers and tailored credit products for women’s groups. Using mobile banking and other technologies, the project aimed to bring 50,000 agro-pastoralists into the formal financial market. Click here to download the solution statement.

Facts about the Challenge project






Team lead

Allison Huggins, Mercy Corps

Lead organization

Mercy Corps

PlaNet Finance

Local partners


Universite Abdou Moumoundi de Niamey

Institute Nationalde la Recherche Agronomique du Niger(INRAN)

International partners

PlaNet Finance