Mercy Corps

Project Title: Trans-boundary Flood Risk Mitigation through Governance and Innovative Information Technology

Mercy Corps has provided an information-based model for trans-boundary collaboration and investment to create flood resilience across watersheds in Indonesia. The project took an integrated approach to flood risk reduction, introducing innovative and user-friendly information tools for communities, government, and private sector organisations. Working with these stakeholders in vulnerable downstream urban neighbourhoods and upstream rural villages, the project provided actionable, real-time information on flood risks and projected returns on investment from flood risk-reduction measures, strengthening structures for collaboration and coordinated action for flood risk reduction.

Facts about the Challenge project


Southeast Asia



Team lead

Olga Petryniak

Lead organization

Mercy Corps 

Local partners

The Semarang City Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), YMCI

International partners

Atma Connect (Atma)

EcoMetrix Solutions Group (ESG)