GRP’s Partnership Meeting is Coming Up

On the 20th-21st March 2018, GRP will host its next Partnership Meeting. The GRP Partnership Council (PC), which was formed in 2015, is made up of organisations active in resilience which have agreed to work together to achieve GRP’s objective. Partnership Members include: The World Bank, The Global Environment Facility, USAID, DFID, Sida, Zurich Insurance, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), UN Climate Resilience Initiative (A2R), Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation, Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and others. The meeting will take place The Hague at the Hampshire Hotel

The purpose of the March 2018 Partnership meeting is to present and put GRP’s new strategy into action by taking forward specific activities to help advance resilience. 

Specific objectives for the meeting are:

  1. Agree on GRP’s refreshed governance, strategic agenda, and plans for 2018. 
  2. Discuss and identify key upcoming work streams for GRP and agree on specific actions for its partners to help catalyze change across these opportunities. This will focus on actions under the following areas:
    1. Knowledge: Develop actions to build GRP as a global platform to access the latest knowledge and information on how to invest in resilience for development. the aim is that GRP and it s partners become the “go to places” for all interested in the filed of applied resilience, and the librarian for new and proven resilience methods, tools, and insights. 
    2. Policy: Resilience is often a second consideration in development policy, practice, and investments. at national and regional levels, there is an increasing interest and demand from least developed countries in resilience policy and programming including the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and national adaptation plans (NAPs). There is also an opportunity for GRP partners to influence and advocate for an increased focus and action on resilience at a series of international events. 
    3. Innovation and scaling: Identify opportunities to test resilience innovations, to cultivate new ideas and discover how these can be taken forward and scaled up. 
    4. Business and private investment: Determine actions to increase private sector involvement and investment in resilience that benefits the most vulnerable. this will be done through making the business case for investing in resilience and through influencing current investment and activity plans of private sector partners. 

Following the Partnership meeting, on the 22nd and 23rd March, GRP will host its Round 1 Challenge Closeout meeting. The meeting will be held in the same location as the Partnership meeting and will provide teams an opportunity to learn and share lessons, successes and failures from two years of implementing resilience projects on the ground. More details will be provided over the coming weeks.