COP25 Agri-food Chains Roundtable Outcome Document

Advancing Climate Actions on Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Food Chains for a 1.50 C Net Zero World Summary of outcome document

Transforming the agri-food system as a priority climate solution was highlighted by over 100 participants at the Marrakech Partnership Global Climate Action-MPGCA Agrifood Roundtable held on 5 December 2019. A diverse set of 34 speakers from grassroots, indigenous communities, farmers, business leaders, academics, international organizations, and ministers all came to same conclusion: the current agri-food systems (from farm to table) is making everyone uncomfortable and its time for radical and transformative change.

Without these transformative changes to build climate resilient future that is inclusive and just – across
scales, sectors and geographies – the life supporting services delivered by agri-food systems are no longer tenable nor sustainable. But we have the solutions at hand! Including over 230 solutions and ideas were generated during the event on existing and potential solutions to transform the current agri-food system so that it delivers a resilient, healthy and prosperous future for all.

Outcome Document