Case Study: Examples of Effective Resilience Programming

Authors: Ben Murphy
Contributing authors: Catrin Hepworth and Simone Verkaart


In line with GRP’s role as a curator of resilience evidence and lessons from and beyond its own programming and managed investments, this case study explores the design of GRP partner resilience programs and the elements that contributed to their success (or otherwise). 42 programs that were either funded or implemented by members of the GRP were reviewed to gather the best insights from the whole community. Where possible, the effectiveness of a particular intervention is provided based on robust quantitative or mixed methods data, which was prioritized as part of this review.

We assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of using different program designs, and attempt to identify key aspects for resilience programming. Where possible, we have distilled lessons that may be replicable across contexts, and made recommendations for future resilience programming. The case study is intended to be useful to those funding, designing, and implementing resilience programs.

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