Insights for food systems transformation from southern Africa: Outcomes of the Southern African Resilience Academy

One of GRP’s core strategies in this endeavour is to strengthen Global South research and practice networks through the establishment of “South-to-South Resilience Academies”, of which SARA is one. The aim of these academies is to support resilience- and development-related knowledge production and exchange across regions in the Global South and facilitate knowledge transfer from the Global South to the Global North.

Through its links with GRP and other Resilience Academies, SARA aims to contribute directly and meaningfully to regional and global policy discussions around resilience and development and elevate the southern African voice in international fora. With this mandate, the inaugural year of SARA (2021) focused on addressing the complexities of building more resilient, sustainable and equitable food systems. SARA acted in a convening role to bring together communities, networks and partnerships to explore and tackle key questions around food security.

This insights brief presents key themes and recommendations that emerged from the SARA activities and discussions that were convened over the course of 2021 in order to explore ways of addressing barriers and unlocking key actions to transform food systems in southern Africa.

For an overview of the southern African context, follow this link to the Insights for food systems transformation from southern Africa: Overview of the southern Africa context.

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