Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community or Practice

The formation of the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice (RMEL CoP) in 2016, created a remarkable opportunity. Collaboratively engaging 250+ resilience thinkers, researchers, evaluators, and practitioners from government, academia, civil society, and business, the RMEL CoP has provided unique multi-disciplinary and cross-sector spaces to learn together, and to inform, speed up, and scale-out the practice of resilience. In January 2021, the RMEL CoP, hosted and championed by the Global Resilience Partnership, formally integrated into the Resilience Knowledge Coalition.

With its purpose to Strengthen the Evidence Base for Resilience Investments, the RMEL CoP took stock of the emerging resilience measurement field through Analysis of Resilience Measurement Frameworks and Approaches and Resilience Measurement-MEL Approaches in Practice. A living Timeline of Resilience Thinking in Action maps many of the events, tools, and knowledge developments that have moved resilience practice forward. The RMEL Innovation Awards stimulated new collaborations, and the RMEL in Practice series showcases organizational and program RMEL approaches. The RMEL CoP hosted three convenings (New York, Rome, Kampala), followed by the inaugural RMEL Conference and Convening 2018, Measuring up to the Resilience Challenge. Attended by around 200 delegates the proceedings offer rich insights and lessons for the evolving resilience measurement field.

RMEL CoP resources are available on the RMEL CoP web-site until March 2021: and on the RMEL Conference & Convening 2018 web-site until August 2021: