South Asia Regional Resilience Dialogue Outcome Document

Women carrying a child walking up stairs to a floating house in Bangladesh.


Top key messages for the High-Level Champions from the dialogue to take forward in their work to help advance ambitions in the run up to COP 26

  1. Reposition local actors as agents of change and allow them to access decision making platforms at national, regional and global levels.
  2. Build capacity of marginal groups and provide them with access to improved technologies for co-creating climate knowledge and solutions.
  3. Ensure good governance when it comes to climate action by authorizing local communities to keep track of transparency and accountability of all actors involved in the climate action
  4. Establish and promote financial architectures that enable greater agency of local actors, facilitate co-creation of knowledge and support devolved delivery mechanisms for ensuring the effective channeling of funds to the most vulnerable.
  5. Foster regulatory environment for mobilizing multiple, diverse and innovative sources of financing, including greater private sector investment to ensure long-term finance towards adaptation and resilience in the region

This dialogue is part of a series of regional dialogues convened with non-party stakeholders, organized by the Global Resilience Partnership together with Climate Resilience Network of the UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) with the support of the Chile and UK High Level Champions (HLCs), Gonzalo Muñoz and Nigel Topping.

Outcome Document