Stepping Up Action on Delivering a Resilient Future

This APCW affiliated event “Stepping up Actions on Delivering a Resilient Future” was held to provide stakeholders from Asia and the Pacific with the opportunity to raise the need for urgent action and share how this particularly vulnerable region is finding unique and effective ways to build resilience to climate change. The day complements the event held at Africa Climate Week, Stepping Up Action on Building Climate Resilience Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa.

This event had three objectives:

  1. Explore transformative resilience-building actions, initiatives, policies, technologies, and financial innovations taken by governments, grassroots organizations, CSOs, businesses, insurers and investors to ensure climate just transition in the Asia Pacific context.
  2. Set out how the latest knowledge and understanding on resilience can be used to build and invest in adaptive, resilient and transformative communities and economies.
  3. Raise awareness and deepen the knowledge on inclusive and intersectional resilience-building approaches among government officials, practitioners, academia and the private sector, to ensure no one is left behind.

Event Agenda

Outcome Document