Synthesis of Global Resilience Challenge Results

Lead authors: Barbora Sladkova and Sarah Robens
Contributing authors: Gregg Smith and Simone Verkaart

Mahila Housing Trust

Ten projects focused on transforming risks around shocks and stresses experienced across the target geographies into opportunities, with the overarching objective of reaching millions of people. Funded by USAID, each grantee received up to US$1.45 million to implement and scale up their resilience solutions. Of the 10 projects, seven were implemented in sub-Saharan Africa and three in South and Southeast Asia. All projects work with local people and organizations to help them adapt to and cope with shocks and chronic stresses – ranging from rapid-onset climate shocks and growing urbanization to pandemics and conflict – and thrive in a more resilient future. By the end of their implementation timeframe, the 10 projects had supported over 5 million people. They provided early warning information to over 1 million people, trained 20,557 in climate change adaptation, generated US$351,860 in financial services and provided short-term agricultural training in food security to 15,955 people. This synthesis stock-takes and synthesizes the progress made by the Global Resilience Challenge projects.

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