The risks of leaving biodiversity behind: Seven points to consider for climate change mitigation

Dirk Nikolaus Karger, Petra Sieber, Thomas Hickler, Niklaus E. Zimmermann, FeedBaCks consortium, and Cibele Queiroz

COP28 has called all parties to move away from fossil fuels, sending a critical message to policy makers and business leaders that the transition to renewable energy is inevitable. However, a stronger alignment between biodiversity and climate policies is needed to tackle climate change to avoid impacting biodiversity. The authors present seven key points to consider for climate change mitigation that aim to reduce trade-offs and maximize synergies between biodiversity and climate action.

Seven Points to consider for climate change mitigation:

  1. The design of climate change solutions must consider biodiversity impacts
  2. Accounting for trade-offs and unintended consequences is crucial but should not lead to inertia
  3. Climate change impacts biodiversity and we cannot rely on protected areas as “safe zones”
  4. Biodiversity loss affects climate and needs to be prevented at all scales 
  5. Biodiversity serves as a Climate Insurance, preventing Loss & Damage
  6. Potential biodiversity impacts should not be exported to elsewhere
  7. Native Species and Ecosystems need to be prioritized in climate and biodiversity policies 
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