Peer-to-peer learning, networking and capacity exchange

Mahila Housing Trust

We are building a community of practice that puts resilience knowledge into use through peer-to-peer learning, networking and capacity exchange. This ensures that various knowledge brokers can effectively locate evidence and amplify it between multiple existing communities of practice.

The coalition brings together practitioners, researchers, grassroots organizations, policy makers and investors from the Global South and North to co-create a vibrant community of practice. Through this Community of Practice, the coalition members share and learn from peer networks. The members have access to event information, publications, funding opportunities and possible knowledge exchange opportunities on resilience through this Community of Practice. The coalition members have access to cross-event collaboration catalytic grants that supports collaboration between key milestone events such as the International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA) and the Gobeshona Global Conference. The members receive regular email updates.

The coalition implements activities such as an internship programme (Global South Talent Pool) and an expert repository for consultancies, secondments, long-term exchanges and speaking opportunities called the Global South Expert Pool. Both these programmes are opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and capacity exchange while honing and surfacing southern voices on the global platform.  

Global South Talent Pool

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The coalition conducts learning webinars in partnership with different initiatives, networks and Communities of practice to broaden the access to proven resilience knowledge and ensure knowledge exchange between members of various interest groups.

Southern African Resilience Academy: Knowledge Exchange

Connecting research, policy and practice for social-ecological resilience

Gobeshona Webinar on Resilience Evidence (Asia, Africa & Europe friendly timezone)

What works, what doesn’t, and for whom? Key insights from the Resilience Evidence Forum 2023

Resilience Links webinar on Resilience Evidence (Americas – friendly timezone)

What works, what doesn’t, and for whom? Key insights from the Resilience Evidence Forum 2023.

Resilience Evidence Forum

Join us for a three-day interactive gathering to advance the conversation about what works and what doesn’t in building resilience

Book Launch: Lesson on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA)

Join ICCCAD and GCA for this book launch