UNDP-Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator

AFCIA grantee

The UNDP-Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) programme sits under the multi-partner platform, the Adaptation Innovation Marketplace (AIM). This strategic initiative aims to promote scaled-up adaptation at the local level, focusing on civil society, non-government organisations, and women and youth innovators. AIM partners include GRP, ICCCAD, the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change, the Climate-Knowledge Innovation Community, and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). The marketplace aggregates resources, expertise, and technical support to facilitate local access to climate change adaptation finance.

GRP’s role

GRP provides knowledge management and sharing, global partnerships and investment brokering services inorder to ensure access to trusted knowledge, expertise, energy, innovation and collaborative learning on how to invest in resilience for development. AFCIA Programme first cohort currently consists of 22 organisations across South and SouthEast Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and Africa. As Knowledge Partners, GRP, ICCCAD and CDKN have been collecting data for stories that document evidence from these local initiatives.

GRP facilitates the “MBA internship program” as part of the AFCIA and act as a coordinating entity between interns, AFCIA projects, and partner universities (Yale, Oxford, University of Berlin, University of Cape Town and GNAM) by leveraging its extensive global network and matchmaking these interns to the AFCIA grantees. GRP ensures that students make meaningful contributions to AFCIA  projects, fostering innovation and pragmatic solutions. As an integral part of knowledge management, GRP will produce valuable knowledge products based on the insights and outcomes derived from the internship program.

Read more about GRP’s work in business schools here.

Stories celebrating locally led solutions

Together with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), we have compiled a series of stories celebrating locally led solutions from the AFCIA programme.

Read the stories in the Dhaka Climate Tribune, on ICCCAD’s website and on CDKN’s website.