4th Gobeshona Global Conference

Monitoring Locally Led Adaptation and Resilience

The fourth annual Gobeshona Global Conference will focus on monitoring Locally- Led Adaptation (LLA) and resilience. It’s organised by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

This year, the conference aims to link local, and international researchers, scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners to participate, support, and leverage the upstanding intentions and creativity of local communities aiming to develop and implement solutions dealing with climate change and monitor progress.

The conference also aims to address the quality of research and take initiative to give research a real meaning so that publication becomes effective in response to climate impacts and LLA by encouraging constructive discussion and feedback among researchers.

This seven-day-long conference will run over 24 hours each day, comprising virtual sessions which will include panels and open discussion focusing on adaptation strategies in local communities as well as research groups and practitioners from both developing and developed countries around the world. These sessions will stimulate actions amongst the participants and shall provide networking opportunities amongst like-minded groups.

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4th Gobeshona Global Conference


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