Advancing Resilience Measurement: Measuring resilience in complex systems

COP27 Resilience Hub session

As adaptation goals and implementation are considered more and more important by globally by state and non-state actors, resilience measurement is gaining ground as a cross-cutting issue. This session will unpack some of the issues that brought to the fore in a consultation report and aims to shift the needle on how we articulate the need for measurement (and who has this need). 

The session asks:
• What are the entry points to resilience measurement in complex systems? 
• What is the role of resilience measurement when tracking progress? Can it be a marker of future trajectories? 
• Who is measurement meant for? How do the key audiences approach measurement in case of conflicting priorities? 


Greg Collins, Universty of Arizona
Shuchi Vora, Global Resilience Partnership
John Choptiany, iDE 
Jagdeesh Puppala Rao, Common Ground
Leah Akoko, ARIN Africa Regional Resilience Hub
John Meyer, USAID
Nathanial Matthews, CEO, Global Resilience Partnership

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