Amplifying Voices from Urban Informal Settlements: Governance and finance models that advance climate justice and urban resilience

COP27 Resilience Hub session

To realize a resilient, just future, effective climate interventions must include organized urban poor communities – particularly women and youth – as lead designers, planners, and implementers of climate solutions. Evidence shows that these communities have the skills, capacities and systems to drive and deliver locally-led adaptation and channel climate finance directly to communities who need it most. This session will illustrate the power of urban poor communities to produce governance and finance models that advance climate justice from the ground up, highlighting the transformative power of these strategies.


Ameil Harikishun, Global Reslience partnership
Sheela Patel, Director, SPARC India, affiliate of Slum Dwellers International
Joseph Muturi, chair of the Board, SDI
Desmond Alugnoa (He/Him), CO-Founder, GAYO, Ghana
Zilire Luka (He/Him), Executive Director, CCCODE Malawi (SDI)
Theresa Carampatana (She/Her), President, Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines (SDI)
Christie Kieth (She/Her), GAIA, USA
Oliver Boachie, Special advisor, Ministry of Government, Ghana
Helen Wanjohi, Resilience African Cities Lead, WRI, Africa
Arne Janssen, Urban Environment Specialist, Cities Alliance

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