Monitoring of Adaptation and Resilience Building Actions


In the face of escalating evidence of climate change and its profound consequences, there is an urgent need for effective action to foster adaptation and resilience. While commitments to resilience are crucial, they must be complemented by robust methodologies for monitoring, progress assessment, and outcome evaluation. Improved methodologies are essential to illuminate the impact of resilience-building initiatives across various scales and stakeholders.

The Global Stocktake process, highlighted in its Synthesis Report, underscores the importance of credible, accountable, and transparent actions by non-Party stakeholders. Rigorous accounting is crucial to lend credence to contributions and avoid double counting (key finding 2). Transparent reporting on adaptation is vital for international cooperation and informed decision-making, requiring diverse methodologies for effective monitoring (key finding 10).

Despite the acknowledged importance of measurement and reporting, there is currently no consensus on metrics and methodologies for tracking adaptation and resilience-building actions. This challenge is compounded by the contextual nature of resilience and the diverse actions, stakeholders, and sectors involved. Within this complexity lies an opportunity to harness emerging insights and best practices from ongoing initiatives like the Race to Resilience and the Sharm-el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda, pinpointing concrete solutions for accelerating adaptation efforts and enhancing our understanding of climate change risks.

Format of the Session

The panel will feature key speakers from various initiatives focusing on building frameworks, metrics, and methodologies for advancing the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of adaptation and resilience-building in non-state actors. The workshop will leverage breakout groups to delve into the experiences of key Race to Resilience and Sharm Adaptation partners, Marrakech Partnership members, and other relevant stakeholders actively engaged in adaptation and resilience actions.

Join us in this collaborative effort to foster a unified framework that will not only accelerate
adaptation efforts but also enhance our collective understanding of climate change risks and
vulnerabilities. Your participation is crucial in shaping a more resilient and sustainable future for all.

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