Opening of the Resilience Hub

ARTS, HERITAGE, CULTURE: Reimagining our climate journey from knowledge to action

Everyone talks about the need for action, but where’s the inspiration? Will conventional talks stimulate the ‘rapid, far-reaching, unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’ so urgently needed? While science, financing and negotiations dominate the climate narrative at COPs and beyond, it is a well-known fact that our most important and courageous decisions are shaped by our evolving emotional truths. So, if we want resilience, let’s genuinely examine what it takes to really help others notice, care, and act. In this intensely interactive out-of-the-box session, participants will first explore the links between climate, culture and heritage, then experience short, safe and inspiring activities to activate their potential for creative breakthrough ideas, and then co-create actual art-infused expressions that will be shared at subsequent COP sessions in the Resilience Hub and beyond.

For those attending in person, we encourage you to have access to a laptop as this will be a hand on, immersive experience. No laptop? No problem – more reason to get together with a fellow participants with one.

Convened by the Resilience Hub in conjunction with the Development & Climate Days.

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