Private sector resilience and adaptation in the face of climate uncertainty

London Climate Action Week event at the Conduit Club

Private sector investment is essential for building resilience and adapting to the impacts of climate change, particularly in developing countries where public financing is limited. 

The private sector can leverage its resources, expertise, and innovation to support the development and implementation of effective adaptation solutions, such as climate-smart infrastructure and agriculture, insurance products, and renewable energy projects.  

However, it is crucial that private sector investments in adaptation and resilience are guided by locally led considerations of inclusivity and equity, ensuring that vulnerable communities, particularly women and marginalized groups, are not left behind. This can include engagement with local communities, prioritizing investments in vulnerable areas, and ensuring that adaptation projects are inclusive, accessible, equitable while, also protecting biodiversity.  


Moderated by: Sheela Patel, Founder and director of the Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC) India

Nathanial (Nate) Matthews, CEO, Global Resilience Partnership
Nigel Brook, Partner, Clyde and Co.
Swenja  Surminski, Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability at Marsh McLennan; Professor at GRI/LSE
Craig Cogut, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisors  
Annika Zawadzki, Managing Director and Partner and co-lead of the Adaptation & Resilience for the Private Sector at Boston Consulting Group

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