R2Z: Gender Responsive and Socially Equitable Resilience in the Asia-Pacific Region

Efforts to build resilience will not be effective, sustainable, and will fall short of their moral obligation unless they depart from current development pathways and deliberately address gender and social inequalities. To drive the transformation that is needed to build resilient economies, ecosystems and societies – while ensuring that no one is left behind – all stakeholders must show leadership and commitment in promoting gender-responsive, participatory and representative governance approaches. This dialogue will explore the challenges and opportunities for transformation and effective climate action through a focus on resilience and social protection. 


  • Nitya Rao, UEA
  • Dinda Nuur Annisaa Yura, Solidaritas Perempuan
  • Molly Helkena – Assistant Secretary Policy Planning and Assessment MoCIA, Republic of the Marshall Islands (TBC)
  • Noelene Nabulivou – DIVA 4 Equality, WGC, Fiji (TBC)
  • Neha Raj Singh – Navdanya, 2017 Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Winner
  • Moderator: Daniel Morchain

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