Taking Stock of Progress: Race to Resilience in 2023

Race to Resilience - Progress Report Launch


As the first-ever Global Stocktake is set to conclude at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP28 and the definition of a Global Goal on Adaptation makes significant advances, the Race to Resilience Campaign presents its second progress report. The report highlights the adaptation and resilience efforts of Non Party Stakeholders  and its contribution to the overarching goal of putting people and nature first, making 4 billion people more resilient to climate change by 2030. 

Race to Resilience (RtR) was launched at the Climate Adaptation Summit in 2021 by  the UN High-Level Climate Champions for COP25 and COP26, with the purpose to serve as a global platform that brings together Non-Party Stakeholders (NPS), investors, businesses, cities, regions and civil society under a common goal: putting people and nature first, making 4 billion people more resilient to climate change by 2030.

Two and a half years since its launch in 2021, the campaign has grown and counts now with a total of 34 partner initiatives, with more than 647 collaborating members. Furthermore, new subnational governments have joined the Race through their Flagship Initiatives: with a cumulated 86 cities from Cities Race to Resilience and a cumulated 78 regions pledged from RegionsAdapt. The adaptation solutions deployed by partners and members are located in 164  countries, The adaptation solutions delivered span across all priority systems included in the Sharm-el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda and informed its first implementation report. To date,  the combined pledges from Campaign partners seek to strengthen the resilience of 3.19 billion people by 2030. 

The strength of the Campaign lies on the joint ambition shared by the partners and members that implement locally-led adaptation actions to benefit the most vulnerable, supported by a credible, comprehensive and transparent progress tracking framework that unifies all partners and members in turning pledges into action.


This event aims to present the progress made by the Campaign in 2023. For the first time, the Campaign is proudly demonstrating the conversion of pledges into tangible actions: Number of benefited people, hectares of natural systems covered and finance being mobilized by partners’ implementation efforts.


Maria Aguiar, Race to Resilience Campaign Manager
H.E Razan Al Mubarak, HLC COP28 UAE
Marcia Toledo, Adaptation and Resilience Director
Roxana Bohorquez, Race to Resilience Technical Secretariat
Anand Patwardhan, Race to Resilience MAG Co-Lead
Gonzalo Muñoz, Race to Resilience Global Ambassador
Fiona Smith-Laittan, VP Global Health GSK
Reena Gupta, Advisor to the Ministry of Environment City of Delhi, India
Heloise Chicou, Climate & Adaptation Regions4
Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, HLC COP27 Egypt
Feike Sijbesma, Race to Resilience Global Ambassador

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