Reflecting on the Regional Resilience Hubs 

What does meaningful and authentic amplification of local voices looks like? Join us at the Resilience Hub for this session.

The session at the Resilience Hub will generate space for a critical discussion on what meaningful and authentic amplification of local voices looks like in practice, drawing upon and reflecting on the three years that the regional resilience hubs have been running. Local level voices from across the respective regions, as well as intermediaries, donors and support partners will be invited to discuss the topic. 

The session will open up with a keynote message from the minister of environment from Egypt and will be followed by a the launch of two initiatives: i) The 2nd iteration of stories of resilience, lessons from local practitioners from the Global Center on Adaptation and ii) the launch of an event on scaling up Locally Led Adaptation in Bangladesh. Both interventions will touch upon the opportunity of these initiatives to amplify local voices and highlight potential enablers of further impact of these initiatives in global policy contexts. 

These interventions will be followed by a discussion structured to allow local level voices to share their perspectives on what it means for them to engage in global discussions and events, and how best they can be supported to amplify their own voices and influence global discourse on ambitious, inclusive and transformative adaptation and resilience action at the local level. The discussion will also include insights on how to allow local voices to effectively be considered in negotiation and decision-making processes across scales and will aim to identify ‘determinants of meaningful participation.’ 

As the Regional Hubs play an important role in amplifying lesser heard voices and underrepresented constituencies from across the respective regions, this event is well situated to allow each Regional Hub to share key learnings and lend space for local level voices to speak directly to the topic. 

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