Riding the wave: Financing source-to-sea action

Applying a source-to-sea lens to identify priorities for development and investment through the source-to-sea continuum can contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. Yet, current financing practices shy away from considering upstream-downstream impacts. We explore the rationales, challenges, and opportunities for incorporating a source-to-sea perspective when assessing and funding projects.

Source-to-sea management complements existing land, freshwater, and marine management mechanisms through considering the upstream-downstream linkages that distribute impacts and benefits across the system as a whole. By taking upstream-downstream linkages into account, the source-to-sea approach to management contributes to achieving the SDGs – including the closely linked freshwater and ocean SDG’s 6 and 14.

Engagement of financial institutions is crucial for accelerating the adoption of source-to-sea management. This interactive event aims to foster discussions and advance knowledge pertinent to financial institutions, donors, private sector, policy makers and governments at all scales and freshwater/marine professionals regarding the rationales, challenges and opportunities for incorporating a source-to-sea perspective when designing, assessing and funding projects. The discussion aims to strengthen cross-sectoral engagement and collaboration to devise new financial tools and practices that incentivize investments and projects that better consider upstream and downstream environmental, social, and economic linkages.

Key questions to be addressed during the event:
1. What does source-to-sea management mean for governments, businesses, financial institutions, and donors when designing, assessing, and funding projects?
2. What barriers prevent a source-to-sea lens from being applied to investment screening?
3. What are the benefits and challenges associated with addressing upstream/downstream linkages in investments or business activities?


Welcome and Setting the Scene: Stimulating Finance for Source-to-Sea Action
Ruth Mathews, Stockholm International Water Institute

Panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities of financing source-to-sea action

Moderator: Darko Manakovski, Global Water Partnership
Dr. Phillip Osano, Stockholm Environment Institute Africa
Gina Bonne, Indian Ocean Commission
Dr. Nathanial Matthews, CEO, the Global Resilience Partnership
More to be announced

Breakout rooms
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the key challenges and opportunities identified during the panel discussion in moderated breakout rooms.

Key highlights and recommendations for next steps
Members of the panel discussion provide their final thoughts based on the discussions of the event.

Wrap- up and closure of the session
Ruth Mathews, Stockholm International Water Institute

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