The Financial Times’ Climate Capital Live 2024

The Financial Times’ Climate Capital Live 2024 will take place on 13 and 14 March where climate leaders, politicians, CEOs, and financiers will discuss how their organisation can move from commitment to action on net-zero targets.

COP28’s global stocktake recognised the global scientific consensus with the explicit acknowledgment of the need to “transition away” from fossil fuels. With a flurry of enhanced national plans to deliver 1.5C being delivered by next year in response, the pressure is now on for governments and businesses to turn climate commitments into concerted action. Bringing about an immediate and sustained reduction in global emissions will require further radical and co-ordinated action around policy changes, business strategies and innovative financing. This may involve more up-front costs to businesses and governments but also presents an opportunity to capitalise on the wide-ranging benefits of a greener economy. How can CEOs, policymakers and investors overcome these complex challenges and trade-offs to implement tangible change and build a climate-resilient future?

The Financial Times’ Climate Capital Live 2024 provides a unique forum for climate leaders, politicians, CEOs and financiers to come together and discuss how their organisation can move from commitment to implementation on net zero targets. Through the expert moderation of the FT’s most senior journalists, the Summit promises to cut through the jargon and provide insights on how to accelerate science-aligned climate progress in an increasingly difficult economic environment. 

GRP CEO Nathanial Matthews and Kathy Baughman McLeod, CEO of Climate Resilience for All, will lead a panel discussion addressing “The cost of doing nothing – how can investment in climate adaptation be prioritised?”

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