Transformative Leverage and Intervention Points for Climate and Biosphere Resilience

Join us for a session on transformation at the COP Resilience Hub.

Earth’s resilience hinges on the interplay between climate and the biosphere. Presently, one-fourth of human carbon emissions are absorbed by land systems, but they’re threatened by factors like habitat loss and changing ecosystems. Robust ecosystems better endure climate shifts, securing long-term services like carbon capture. Balancing biosphere conservation with climate goals is vital, yet conflicts arise, potentially harming biodiversity, and undermining conservation goals. Earth’s climate results from intricate abiotic, biotic, and societal processes, necessitating systemic thinking. Our session emphasizes: drivers impacting global climate and biosphere resilience, lessons from climate change mitigation, innovations in understanding climate-biosphere interactions, and their impact on societal shifts for Earth’s resilience.


Tom Crowther, Professor, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Shehnaaz Moosa, Director, SouthSouthNorth
Florencio Noceti, Prof. Planetaryx

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