R2Z: Delivering a resilient, net zero economy: Transforming infrastructure investments to deliver a resilient and net zero world

This is the second webinar in the Delivering a resilient, net zero economy series run by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG). The series aims to provide a call to action and support enhanced collaboration and action between policymakers and business leaders that feeds into business climate leadership, policy, the green recovery and the UK Government’s COP26 campaign. This webinar will be delivered as part of the Race to Zero Dialogues taking place from 9 to 19 November 2020. It is one of several dialogues that focus on the cross-cutting theme of resilience.

This webinar will examine how we transform infrastructure investments globally to deliver a resilient and net zero world. This dialogue will explore the role of policy, approaches and investments required globally to support and build resilient supply chains, infrastructure and a thriving natural environment through place-based examples from the UK and other countries.

Jonás de Miguel, Strategy Director, Aguas Andinas
Lord Zac Goldsmith, Minister for Pacific and the Environment at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Emma Howard Boyd, Chair, Environment Agency (EA) and UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation TBC
Carlos Sanchez, Director, Climate Resilience Investment, Willis Towers Watson and Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI)
Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion
Peter Simpson (Chair), Chief Executive of Anglian Water Group, and co-Chair of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group

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