Meteorological Early Warning Systems to Build Resilience to Acute Climate‐Induced Shocks

Trans African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) received funding to empower local communities and vulnerable agriculturists across Uganda with an innovative early warning weather system for severe weather across the drought prone Cattle Corridor, the accident prone areas of Lake Victoria, Kyoga, and Wamala, and Uganda’s flash flood prone highlands. Leveraging the prevalence of cell phones across the country, the team partnered with mobile operators and the Ugandan National Meteorological Authority to provide low cost, on-demand access to weather alerts to more than 16 million Ugandan cell phone users and free access to all 8 million Airtel subscribers. Click here to download the solution statement.


Horn of Africa


  • Uganda

Team Lead

Nick van de Giesen, Trans-African Hydro, Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO)

Lead Organization

  • Stichting TAHMO

Local Partners

  • African Centers for Lightning and Electromagnetics
  • Climate Change Adaptation Innovation
  • Human Network International

International Partners

  • Earth Networks