Theme: Climate change

COP 28 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report

This report synthesises the key findings and recommendations for action from the COP28 Resilience Hub and aims to help set the direction for future action towards COP29 and beyond. The report first provides an overview of the key adaptation and resilience decisions and announcements that took place during COP28; it then presents the key messages and findings from the events of the Resilience Hub and offers concluding remarks and a guidepost for the year ahead.

The Financial Times’ Climate Capital Live 2024

The Financial Times’ Climate Capital Live 2024 will take place on 13 and 14 March where climate leaders, politicians, CEOs, and financiers will discuss how their organisation can move from commitment to action on net-zero targets.

Food insecurity and climate change swings young creatives into action

Knowledge Into Use award winner, Nobel Arts Entertainment works with young people in Cameroon on how to use arts to come up with solutions to issues like climate change, food insecurity, and conflict.

The climate grant equation 

Adiba Bintey Kamal and Rubina Adhikari from the International Center of Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) highlight the benefits of grants over loans and share insights from the Catalytic Grants programme.

In which language does the rain fall

Knowledge Into Use award winners, Natasha Sharma (Community Design Agency) with Himanshu Meena and Nikhil Sharma (Elementree Foundation) facilitated a series of creative workshops to localise, vocalise, and visualise climate change experiences in Govandi.

COP28: Five key actions to fight the food crisis 

A new science brief from Stockholm Resilience Centre and Global Resilience Partnerships launched during COP28 discusses why the current food crisis has escalated so quickly up to global proportions. The researchers list five key actions for policy-makers to address.

Climate adaptation and resilience financing is critical to the survival of the planet and brings significant economic potential

A new study published today by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) lays out the investment thesis for the private sector to finance this space.

Transformative Leverage and Intervention Points for Climate and Biosphere Resilience

Join us for a session on transformation at the COP Resilience Hub.

South-South Learning on Locally Led Adaptation Metrics

Join us at the Capacity Building Hub for a session during the South-South Capacity Day!

Young Water Professionals’ Debate on Climate and Water Management

A highlight of the Water Pavilion, the Young Water Professionals’ debate will be a lively discussion between our enthusiastic future leaders and recognized senior experts.