Frontline Funds Accelerator

The Frontline Funds Accelerator (FFA) is a partnership of organisations working to ensure that grassroots-led initiatives of equitably organised groups have the skills and resources required to deliver coherent action on climate, nature and development. A frontline fund is “a locally controlled, place-specific funding mechanism governed by its constituency,” whether a grassroots cooperative, federation, or social movement, ensuring equitable outcomes and high influence through their legitimacy. Such funds provide globally-informed but locally-specific grants or loans that enable self-empowering processes to tackle poverty, improve resilience, protect nature, or support local, sustainable development priorities.

By 2030, FFA envisions a new financial architecture where communities and donors establish equitable and trusting relationships, hold each other accountable and share risks. Significant investment is dedicated to grassroots-led climate and development funding mechanisms that demonstrate effective, dignified, and just local action. To accomplish this, FFA will scale already functioning frontline funds; and replicate them as mechanisms for improving support for local climate action.