Amplifying Voices from the Local Level


Grassroots-level organisations and communities on the frontline often have the best comprehension of local vulnerabilities and the contextually appropriate resilience responses to address them. Through collaboration with various networks, partnerships, organisations and initiatives focusing on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA), GRP works to amplify the crucial importance of local adaptation and resilience action being taken by communities on the frontline around the world. GRP strongly believes that amplifying the voices of communities on the frontlines of climate impacts is crucial to ensuring inclusive and transformative resilience that accelerates climate justice and a just transition. Alongside more than 70 other organisations, GRP has endorsed the Principles for Locally-Led Adaptation and strives to ensure that these principles are put into action. Realising the Principles for Locally-Led Adaptation will require dialogue, understanding, commitment and action across all levels of  policy, governance and finance. In order to achieve this, bottom-up and inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue, that recognises existing and entrenched power dynamics and systems, is required to ensure that no one is left behind. 

GRP works with partners to create opportunities for collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing through several channels, such as: 

Catalytic Grants

Voices from the Frontline

Locally-Led Adaptation Community of Practice

Frontline Funds Accelerator

If you would like to learn more about GRP’s work on LLA and how we engage partners to promote inclusive and transformative resilience action, please refer to the projects above or get in touch with the policy team