WYSER Leaders: Women and Youth Scaling Engagement in Resilience

Recognising the transformative potential of youth and women and their capacity to shape resilient futures, WYSER Leaders is a dedicated programme providing targeted support and activities.

This programme acknowledges the interconnection between scaling the involvement of youth and women across all sectors and thematic areas, amplifying their voices and integrating their unique insights, experiences, and aspirations into resilience-building efforts. The interconnection emphasised in the programme recognises that true resilience cannot be achieved without the active participation of diverse voices to ensure that the resulting initiatives are more comprehensive, responsive, and reflective of the diverse needs of communities.

By fostering intergenerational collaboration, providing leadership development opportunities, and ensuring youth and gender balanced representation at decision-making tables, GRP will harness fresh perspectives, innovative solutions in pursuit of enhanced inclusivity.

This programme consists of three distinct sub-projects: Global South Talent Pool, the RAIN Challenge for Youth and Women, and the Gender and Resilience in Coastal Communities projects.

Global South Talent Pool

RAIN Challenge for Youth and Women

Gender and Resilience in Coastal Communities