Partnership Policy

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) advances resilience through identifying and scaling locally led innovation, generating and sharing knowledge, and shaping policy. Resilience underpins sustainable development in an increasingly unpredictable world. We envisage an inclusive world in harmony with nature, that is better prepared to cope with shocks, adapt to change, and transform – all within planetary boundaries.

GRP is an inclusive and collaborative partnership that seeks to create a global movement for resilience that raises the profile and catalyses actions for resilience. Organisations in the partnership bring together a broad range of skills, capacities and perspectives and provide powerful collaboration opportunities. Organisations who share GRP’s vision, strategic focus, approach, and values are welcome to apply to become a Partner. In doing so, they also make certain commitments to strengthen the Partnership.

Partnership Approach

GRP delivers a suite of strategic interventions through three work areas that set out to add value to the work of our individual Partners and ensures that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

  • Innovation: We provide resilience incubation and acceleration support to GRP partners and coalition members. We contribute to the design of best practice resilience building initiatives by facilitating training and leadership development. We coordinate work with specific knowledge partners for ideation and investment processes, networks of stakeholders relevant for scaling up, such as social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, impact investors, foundations and business schools, from both the South and North.
  • Knowledge: We advance the collective knowledge about resilience through iterative and collaborative knowledge co-production processes. As part of this, we seek to develop capacity, build networks, foster social capital, and implement actions that contribute to ongoing learning among partners and beyond.
  • Policy: We raise investment and policy ambitions on resilience. We focus on bridging the voices and experiences of local actors to the regional and global policy spaces to ensure they inform the global policy discourse. Beyond creating greater visibility of the importance of local voices, GRP’s policy work aims to progressively increase the influencing potential of these lesser heard and underrepresented voices on global resilience action in response to heightening impacts.

Across our areas of work, we seek to support, connect and catalyse initiatives amongst Partners that deliver resilience impacts.


Innovative Finance for Resilience
Objective: Identify, co-design, and invest in early stage innovations that build resilience at the intersection of peace & stability, disaster resilience, and food & water security in vulnerable and fragile regions.

South to South Resilience Academies
Objective: Mobilize transdisciplinary teams of academics, thought leaders and practitioners from the Global South, to work together towards solving the most difficult resilience challenges.

Voices from the Frontline
Objective: Collect stories and amplify the role that grassroots organisations are playing in building resilience

Partnership Commitment

Becoming a GRP Partner requires a commitment from the organisation to be an active member and to:

  • Help set GRP’s objectives and strategy, and remain engaged on its progress  
  • Share and agree with the GRP vision and values
  • Undertake work on resilience policies, programmes, investments and innovations
  • Commit to work together on initiatives around GRP’s areas of work
  • Participate and contribute to GRP meetings, events and/or products 
  • Support GRP by being an engaged partner which could include sharing information on resilience and/or provision of resources

GRP Values

Over and above the Partnership Commitment, Partners are expected to share and promote the following fundamental values:

  1. Internationally proclaimed human rights
  2. Social sustainability and ethical behavior
  3. Gender and other forms of equality
  4. Environmental responsibility
  5. Fight corruption and promote transparency

The Partnership is not open to individuals or informal groups either.

Governance Structure

The Partnership consists of three bodies:

  1. GRP Partners – Organisations active in resilience, who share GRP’s vision and values, and have formally joined the Partnership.
  2. Advisory Council – Members who advise the implementation of GRP’s strategy and plans.
  3. GRP Secretariat – A small team that convenes and catalyses actions by the Partners and implements specific activities on behalf of the Partnership. The Secretariat is hosted at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) at Stockholm University.

Partnership Decision

The ultimate decision for participation in GRP lies with the GRP Advisory Council who is responsible for applying these guidelines. The Advisory Council will apply discretion based on its knowledge of the applicants and their social, ethical, and environmental practices. In exceptional circumstances, the Advisory Council may ask for additional information before making a final decision. We emphasise that the Partnership cannot endorse Partners or any of their practices.

The success of the Partnership is dependent on Partners working together. To do this, Partners are expected to work on specific actions under GRP’s three interlinked areas of work: Innovation, Knowledge, and Policy. This could include working on initiatives with GRP Partners. In addition, all Partners will be invited to an annual Partners’ meeting. This is an opportunity to share and develop actions on resilience, review GRP’s strategy and plans, and elect members to the GRP Advisory Council. Organisations who are not Partners but are interested in resilience are able to attend the annual meeting as observers.

Application Process

To become a GRP Partner, please fill in the GRP Expression of Interest Form. If you have any questions, contact the GRP Secretariat at (

The Secretariat will prepare the application for review by the Advisory Council. If satisfactory, the Advisory Council will then extend a formal invitation to interested parties. There is no defined time limit to being a Partner. Should a member want to terminate its membership as a Partner an email should be sent to the Secretariat at the address above. Partners do not receive remuneration by GRP for their work, and generally cover their own costs although some support may be available for Partners from the South to attend the meetings.

Partners Meeting Reports

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