Partnership Policy

GRP is an inclusive and collaborative partnership that seeks to create a global movement for resilience that raises the profile and catalyses actions for resilience. Organisations in the Partnership bring together a broad range of skills, capacities and perspectives and provide powerful collaboration opportunities. Organisations who share GRP’s vision, strategic focus, approach, and values are welcome to apply to become a Partner. In doing so, they also make certain commitments to strengthen the Partnership.

Partnership Approach

The success of the Partnership is dependent on Partners working together. To do this, Partners are expected to work on specific actions under GRP’s interlinked areas of work: Innovation, Knowledge, and Policy. This could include working on one the flagship programmes with Partners.

Inclusion Criteria

We are seeking Partners that are working globally or regionally on resilience. This includes organisations working as federations of grassroots organisations, national governments, or multilateral organisations, private sector organisations with a regional or global focus, and organisations that are actively working together with us through one of our programmes. 

Partnership offer

Building from the insights gathered from Partner surveys and feedback, GRP remains committed to providing:

  • Access to funding and resource mobilisation opportunities to stimulate collaborations and resource mobilisation among Partners.
  • Access to policy influencing spaces and events, including the annual Climate COP, Climate weeks, and other key policy forums.  
  • Facilitated knowledge brokering through the Resilience Evidence Coalition, the Resilience Platform, flagship events such as the Resilience Evidence Forum, as well as key reports such as the Resilience Evidence Forum Synthesis Report and the Resilience Hub Synthesis Reports.  
  • Tailored and demand-driven capacity development through Leadership Academies for innovators and small and medium-sized enterprises as part of innovation challenges, collaborating with leading business schools, the South to South Resilience Academies, as well as sponsored professional development co-delivered with the School of System Change
  • Bespoke matchmaking for resilience solution providers, funders, and investors through Investor Forums and Innovation Challenge Rounds.
  • Facilitated networking, peer learning, and communications with other Partners and the GRP Secretariat through an Annual Partners’ meeting, Partner Spotlight Sessions, and regular invite-only Partner meet-ups and networking events during global events.
  • Media and outreach support for Partners through diverse platforms such as major events, website updates, social media, mainstream media, and newsletters. 
  • Annual Action Report highlighting progress and providing an overview of our collaborative actions.

Partnership Commitment

Becoming a GRP Partner requires a commitment from the organisation to be an active member and to:

  • Help set GRP’s objectives and strategy, and remain engaged on its progress  
  • Share and agree with the GRP vision and values
  • Undertake work on resilience policies, programmes, investments and innovations
  • Commit to work together on initiatives around GRP’s areas of work
  • Participate and contribute to GRP meetings, events and/or products 
  • Support GRP by being an engaged partner which could include sharing information on resilience and/or provision of resources

GRP Values

Over and above the Partnership Commitment, Partners are expected to share and promote the following fundamental values:

  • Internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Social sustainability and ethical behaviour
  • Gender and other forms of equality
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Fight corruption and promote transparency
  • The Partnership is not open to individuals or informal groups either.

Partnership  Ask 

The following are the expectations from Partners to ensure active participation:  

  • In-kind or in-cash contribution: Partners are encouraged to provide financial support, either in-cash or in-kind, up to USD$50,000 annually (financial contributions above USD$50,000 can be contributed to GRP programmes).
  • Learning together: Partners are encouraged to contribute to regular learning milestones such as a yearly Partnership Learning and Feedback survey. For in-kind contributions, Partners are expected to share a short, yearly summary of their contributions.  
  • Proactive collaboration: GRP seeks active collaboration and participation from Partners, emphasising the importance of working together and learning from each other, regardless of mandates or roles to achieve systemic change and enhance resilience.

Application Process

To become a GRP Partner, please fill in the GRP Expression of Interest Form. If you have any questions, contact the GRP Secretariat at

Partnership Decision

The ultimate decision for participation in GRP lies with the GRP Advisory Council who is responsible for applying these guidelines. The Secretariat will prepare the application for review by the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will apply discretion based on its knowledge of the applicants and their social, ethical, and environmental practices. In exceptional circumstances, the Advisory Council may ask for additional information before making a final decision. If satisfactory, the Advisory Council will then extend a formal invitation to interested parties. We emphasise that the Partnership cannot endorse Partners or any of their practices.

There is no defined time limit to being a Partner. Should a member want to terminate its membership as a Partner an email should be sent to the Secretariat at the address above. Partners do not receive remuneration by GRP for their work, and generally cover their own costs although some support may be available for Partners from the South to attend the meetings.

All Partners will be invited to Virtual Partners’ meeting. This is an opportunity to share and develop actions on resilience, review GRP’s strategy and plans, and stay engaged with the Partnership. 

Learn more about the Partnership offer and ask here

Partners Meeting Reports