It’s the end of an event, but the beginning of a movement. 

Building a Resilient Future was sponsored by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and hosted by The New School in New York on 22 September 2019. It was attended by over 500 practitioners from governments, businesses, grassroots groups, civil society organisations, media outlets and academic institutions with many others joining online and sharing their commitments to building a resilient future. The event was designed to support the commitments being made at the UN Climate Action Summit on 23 September. 

Access everything you need about the event via the links below.

Event documents: Delve in the rich discussions from the event in the outcome document, read the headline messages and explore all the session concept notes here. 

Event programme: Building a Resilient Future was a paperless event that made use of a bespoke event app, Whova. The programme, speakers and the breakdown of the day are available on the event microsite. 

Audio & Visual Resources: Browse photos from the event and rewatch the livestream recordings on demand. 

Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience: Egypt and the United Kingdom, together with Bangladesh, Malawi, the Netherlands and St Lucia, supported by the United Nations Development Programme, have developed a call for action on Adaptation and Resilience underpinned by 7 initiatives. 

Creating a Movement & Next Steps 

It was clear from Building a Resilient Future that there are already a range of initiatives, platforms and interventions working towards a resilient future. 

A common message from the sessions and  feedback from the event is to build on and work through these rather than creating new ones. To support this GRP will produce a Compendium of Actions (available soon) and update a mapping of organisations and initiatives working on resilience (available soon).

The immediate next steps are first and foremost to continue and begin to implement the actions that were presented to build a resilient future. This will include refreshing the common narrative on climate resilience.

2020 offers many more political opportunities to raise the ambition of actions on resilience and adaptation. The figure below provides a roadmap of key regional and global events from the end of 2019 and across 2020 where the emerging resilience movement can engage and lead.  GRP reach out to our partners and the resilience community as we prepare for these milestones. We encourage you to do the same and collaborate to ignite ideas!