Connecting Roads, Water and Livelihoods for Resilience

MetaMeta Research and partners received funding to transform the way roads – conduits for modern commerce and life – are planned and built in the Horn of Africa by introducing innovative designs and improved guidelines to harvest rainwater, prevent soil erosion, and improve use of roadside land.

By bringing together government authorities, water and climate experts, and roadside communities – especially women and the poor, this team worked to ensure that road construction efforts produce multiple benefits for all communities and enhance resilience. Click here to download the solution statement.

Facts about the Challenge project


Horn of Africa


– Ethiopia
– Kenya

Team lead

Dr. Frank Van Steenbergen
at MetaMeta Research, Netherlands

Lead organization

– MetaMeta Research
– MetaMeta Ethiopia

Local partners

– MetaMeta Research Ethiopia
– Mekelle University
– The Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development Amhara
– ASAL Consultancy Ltd