Devising local coping mechanisms and adaptation technologies to build climate-resilience capacities of urban poor in South Asia

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust received funding to empower women from slums in seven South Asian cities to take action against the most pressing climate-related risks facing their communities: heat waves, flooding, water scarcity; and water and vector borne diseases. Through the improved availability of real-time micro data, the team could equip the urban poor with the tools and know-how to undertake vulnerability and risk assessments and implement their own resilience plans. Utilizing a network of woman advocates, they could empower these communities to influence city planning so that their cities adopt adaptation and resilience actions that reflect a pro-poor agenda. Click here to download the solution statement.

Facts about the Challenge project


South and Southeast Asia



Team lead

Renana Jhabvala, Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, India 

Lead organization

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust

Local partners

HomeNet South Asia

Centre for Environment Education

EMBARQ India Geotech Consultant

Himadiri Enviro-Protection Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Indian Institute of Public Health (Gandhinagar)

P H Shah & Co. Chartered Accountants

SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltd

Urban Management Centre

Development Alternatives

Vandemataram Projects Private Limited

Dr. Vijay Kohli (Entomologist)

Mr. Anindya Sarkar, (Disaster Management)

Mr. Kirtee Shah (Architect)

Mr. Arman Oza (Insurance Consultant)

International partners

Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider from (Freie Universität Berlin)

Prof. Michael Elliott (Georgia Institute of Technology)