Drain to Gain (D2G)

Road runoff harvesting for nature-based farming project in Makueni County, Kenya

Country: Kenya
Lead organisation: MetaMeta

In Kenya, despite significant agricultural potential, challenges persist in ensuring food and nutrition security. Smallholder farmers who contribute to 75% of crop and livestock production are challenged with low rainfall, land degradation, and limited technology access. The arid and semi arid regions, covering 80% of Kenya’s landmass, are particularly vulnerable, hosting rural households living below the poverty line and dependency on local resources. To tackle these challenges, MetaMeta and Makueni County Government are working together on the Drain to Gain (D2G): Road runoff harvesting for nature-based farming projects. The Project aims at integrating sustainable land management strategies (road run-off harvesting, agroforestry, climate-smart farming, micro-catchment, bio-gulley control) to improve agricultural production and boost resilience in the region. 

Working hand in hand with the Government of Makueni County, specifically the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, and Public Works, the project will be implemented in Mbooni Sub-County, Kako-waiya ward along the Kavingo Market-Ilela Road. The collaboration with Special Interest Groups, including community-based organizations (CBOs) and common interest groups (CIGs), is a cornerstone of Drain to Gain’s approach.

Key Objectives of the Project:

  1. Collaborative Nexus Approaches: Strengthening community ties and fostering collaboration among authorities and key stakeholders in the development of a resilient nexus approach.
  2. Household Empowerment: Increasing the number of households engaged in harvesting road runoff for agricultural production, groundwater recharge, and tree cultivation to enhance community livelihoods.
  3. Bio-Gulley Control: Promoting and demonstrating bio-gulley control techniques using vetiver grass, bamboo, and bananas for biodiversity conservation and land restoration.
  4. Climate-Smart Farming: Encouraging income-generating activities, particularly climate-smart farming through road runoff harvesting.
  5. Infrastructure Resilience: Enhancing road infrastructure resilience by efficiently draining and utilizing road runoff, leading to a reduction in road maintenance costs.

MetaMeta’s Drain to Gain Project: Road runoff harvesting for nature-based farming in Makueni

Meet one of the RAIN Challenge shortlisted candidates, MetaMeta, and learn how they are collaborating with farmers in Makueni County, Kenya on road runoff harvesting