Institute for Social and Environmental Transition International (ISET)

Project Title: A River Basin Cross-border Flood Resilience Support Platform

The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition International (ISET) has created a participatory platform for flood risk management across two provinces, Da Nang and Quang Nam, in central Vietnam. This platform has allowed the provinces to assess the potential flood impacts of current and planned development, as well as upstream reservoir management, and will provide a mechanism for exploring the trade-offs of different development scenarios and pathways. Incorporating the Quang Nam floodplain includes the entire river basin flood plain and its infrastructure into one modeling tool, allowing for integrated planning and decision-making. ISET provided the necessary equipment to improve the local early flood warning systems in two communes, Dai Hong and Hoa Khuong. This included life vests, sirens, generators, flashlights and megaphones, supporting the entire population of both communes – or over 23,000 people.

Facts about the Challenge project


Southeast Asia



Team lead

Phong Tran

Lead organization


Local partners

Da Nang CCCO, Da Nang University of Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI)

International partners

CARE International, Adaptive Resource Management Ltd