Building Resilience of Smallholder Farmers in Southeast Asia

Grameen Foundation received funding to build resilience among coconut farmers in the Philippines who, despite forming the backbone of the country’s top agricultural industry, are chronically poor and especially vulnerable to climate change. The team helped farmers to improve productivity, access financial services, expand market access, and use early warning systems to control pest and disease outbreaks. Working with government, agribusiness, and financial services partners, the team leveraged mobile technology to provide coconut farmers with real-time data and services to help strengthen their businesses and reduce losses to their families due to extreme weather events and volatile markets. Click here to download the solution statement.


Facts about the Challenge project


South and Southeast Asia



Team lead

Whitney Gantt, Grameen Foundation USA, USA

Lead organization

– Grameen Foundation

Local partners

– Chokolate de San Isidro
-Philippine Coconut Authority
-People’s Bank of Caraga
-Franklin Baker Company of the Philippines
-Malagos Chocolates

International partners

-Stichting Progreso
-Planet Labs