Resilient Rural Livelihoods in Ecologically Fragile Drylands of the Sahel

Groundswell International have engaged in building the resilience of communities in the Sahel’s ecologically fragile dry lands, giving particular attention to women in the more vulnerable households. The team helped small scale farmers to experiment with agro-ecological innovations to increase climate-resilient food production and dietary diversity in their communities, while also regenerating soils, trees and vegetative cover. By enhancing women’s access to credit, land, and water, the team aimed to empower female farmers in the process. These efforts were brought to scale by fostering intensive “farmer to farmer” learning and exchange between communities, linking up with district government development programs, and fostering more effective nationwide policies and programs to build resilience. Click here to download the solution statement.

Facts about the Challenge project




-Burkina Faso

Team lead

Peter Gubbels, Groundswell International, Ghana

Lead organization

– Groundswell International

Local partners

– Association Nourrir Sans Détruire
-Sahel Eco
-Agrecol Afrique

International partners