University of Waterloo

Project Title : Development of Amphibious Homes for Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations in Vietnam

The University of Waterloo, Canada, has adapted a model for low-cost amphibious houses, based on those used in flood-prone areas of Louisiana, USA for decades, for the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, considering the local environmental, economic and social context. Data from the project will be used to develop a sustainable business model for replicating the housing design, and support an overall climate change adaptation strategy throughout the region and beyond.

Facts about the Challenge project


Southeast Asia



Team lead

Elizabeth English

Lead organization

University of Waterloo

Local partners

Can Tho University, Viet Nam Institute for Urban-Rural Planning Ministry of Construction, Vietnam National University, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategic Studies (NISTPASS), Southern Institute of Water Resources Research (SIWRR)

International partners

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)