Africa Climate Week: Looking to COP27 from the regional level

Critical asks and solutions from the ground

Building resilience requires urgent but continuous action and investment in view of the already ongoing and increasing impacts of climate change. This session will connect context-specific discussions that have been taking place as part of Regional Resilience Hubs in the lead up to the main Resilience Hub at COP27. Resilience Hub is not simply an event space at COPs, but a ‘connector’ for a diverse community of actors from businesses, investors, cities, civil society, research institutions, community based organisations, grassroots federations and many other actors engaged in driving efforts on adaptation and resilience. This event will deliver exactly that – be a connector and advance action on the ground to help achieve the goal of making 4 billion people resilience, as part of Race to Resilience objective and overall Paris Agreement. This will feed into COP27 Hub and other ongoing processes, such as Global Goal on Adaptation and Global Stocktake. | Room: Le Soleil – Ground floor

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