AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum 2024

The AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum will be held on 5-6 June 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum is one of the key events in which community members, implementers and stakeholders share knowledge and learning on the evolution of water stewardship practice and forge new directions through dialogue and partnerships. Held annually since 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland, it has become the must-attend event for the international water stewardship community.


The forum will cover a range of topics, from water and climate to collective action and convergence.  Key discussion topics will include:

 Water stewardship and the wider world

  • Connecting water to climate action and other initiatives
  • Creating connections and incentives for water stewardship through policy engagement

Water stewardship community

  • Convergence within the water stewardship community
  • Collective action in critical catchments

Alliance for Water Stewardship System

  • AWS Standard Review & Revision
  • AWS Assurance System updates
  • Knowledge and learning from the best practice experiences

> Download the latest draft of the 2024 programme

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