CBA16: Amplifying the voices of local adaptors at COP27 through the Resilience Hub

This session will present the key messages from the Regional Resilience Hubs.

The Resilience Hub aims to be a significant force in catalysing climate-just action and increasing finance on resilience through an inclusive and dynamic space that it fosters at and between COPs. A crucial component is the hosting of Regional Resilience Hubs to ensure grassroots- and community-level voices are amplified at COP, and that lesser heard and underrepresented constituencies are empowered to increasingly influence the global dialogue on climate action.

The Regional Hubs for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia and Asia Pacific have undergone extensive engagement on the regional priorities, solutions and challenges that are informed by local adaptors, to be carried through to COP27.

This session will present the key messages from the Regional Hubs and give an opportunity for local champions and adaptors from the regions to engage one another and the audience. Come prepared with your thoughts on what you think should be amplified at COP27!

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